Custom Software for SMBs

Custom Software for SMBs

The project

Majd Cleaning is a mom-and-pop Canadian cleaning company. They came to us with the following goals:

  1. Having a modern website that could wow their customers
  2. An easy way to interact with leads and track their analytics
  3. Having a custom app for their repeat clients
  4. Help with Marketing


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Case study

Building a Modern Website

We first began the design process by creating prototypes with Figma and working extensivently with Majd's team to find a palette and style that they enjoyed. To keep things simple and efficient, we decided to use Wix and its powerful CMS to implement Majd Cleaning's website. This has further allowed the client to easily maintain and update the content of their website.

Lead Interactions & Analytics

To keep everything in a nice package, we added Wix's chatting feature and analytics tracking to Majd Cleaning's dashboard.

Custom Mobile App

Majd Cleaning sells a monthly subscription for cleaning services. They wanted their repeat customers to have an easy to way to send them requests and extra information. We have been developing a cross platform, React Native mobile app to improve their overall customer experience.

Automated Omni Marketing Machine

In addition to their website, Bloor Plumbing was interested to join our pilot program for Bloorbot, the omni marketing tool of the future. We are building a centralized hub that allows businsses to easily generate and share high quality marketing content with AI.

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