Supercharging Canadian Healthcare with Smart Glasses

Supercharging Canadian Healthcare with Smart Glasses

The project

Revolutionizing Virtual Care with TeleVU Innovation

In an ongoing collaboration since 2022, we have immersed ourselves in the dynamic world of TeleVU, aiding their mission of augmented reality-driven virtual care. Merging cutting-edge software development with ingenious architecture, we have been integral in amplifying TeleVU's digital footprint. Dive into the depths of our collaboration at


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Case study

TeleVU Innovation - Pioneering Augmented Reality in Healthcare

Full Stack Software Development

Challenge: Integrate a set of complex technologies to create a seamless user experience for virtual care.

Solution: Leveraging React for UI, Node for server-side operations, Prisma for database access, and SCSS for stylistic enhancements, we architected a robust software backbone for TeleVU. This meticulous stack ensured high performance, scalability, and a pristine user experience.

Microservice Architecture

Challenge: Ensure scalability, fault isolation, and agile responsiveness to business needs.

Solution: By designing a microservice architecture, we ensured that each service functions as a discrete unit, facilitating easier updates, better fault isolation, and scalability. This approach allowed TeleVU to efficiently manage and scale their offerings without overhauling the entire system.

Database Design and Optimization

Challenge: Store and retrieve complex AR and AI data efficiently without compromising speed or security.

Solution: We mapped out a comprehensive database design strategy, focusing on data integrity, security, and retrieval speed. Our team optimized queries and structured data such that TeleVU's applications could swiftly harness the power of AR and AI for virtual care.

About TeleVU Suite

Redefining the boundaries of healthcare, TeleVU Suite combines the prowess of Augmented Reality (AR) & Artificial Intelligence (AI) to offer impeccable virtual care. Through TeleVU iSee, a sophisticated web portal, and the cutting-edge Smart Glasses powered by TeleVU uSee app, medical professionals and patients alike are bestowed with a new dimension of remote medical assistance. TeleVU iSee champions AR collaborations and offers unparalleled control over smart glasses, delivering a truly revolutionary virtual care experience.

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